Welcome to my Honda ST1300 site


Welcome to Honda's ST1300

There are already numerous websites contributing much information about the ST1300 and here is yet another

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Spencerized Seat Modification



Moonshine 2008 version II

Moonshine 2009

NatSTOC 2009

Moonshine 2010

OzarkSTOC 2010

NatSTOC V 2010

YooperSTOC 2010

Pappy's RTE


Blue Ridge Gathering

NatSTOC VI 2011

CampSTOC 2011

YooperSTOC 2011

Lake Bob Sandlin 2012

Moonshine Run 2012

FerrySTOC 2012

Dinkie in Idaho

ArkanSTOC 2012

OkieSTOC 2012


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A look at the ST1300  (click on photo)



Latest Topics

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Motorcycle Larry bar riser plate installation:

Motorcycle Larry Highway Blade Installation:




ShowMeSTOC 2008

Jack Pine Savage Memorial

FL-STOC 2009

Big Bend Bash 2010

CampSTOC VI 2010

MotoCamper's Hills & Thrills

Pappy's RTE 2/26/11

Terry Hammond Memorial

OzarkSTOC 2011


DinkieSTOC 2011

Post Post Moonshine Run 2011

FL-STOC 2011

ARCampSTOC 2012

OzarkSTOC 2012

Curt Gran Memorial Service

NatSTOC 2012

DinkieSTOC 2012







A look at the Bushtec Roadstar (click on photo)


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